Essay Assignment Now Available

Our essay assignment is now available. We’ll talk about it in class next week, but see our assignments page for a  copy of the assignment ready for download. (Same password as our our readings page, btw.)


  • Remember that you can visit the Writing Center ahead of the assignment deadline for assistance. A visit to the Writing Center also counts for extra credit towards course participation.
  • See our Writing page here at the course website for a Writing Checksheet to help improve your work on your first paper! It will help you avoid the common glitches that weaken many papers at the college level.
  • Not sure how to do Footnotes or Bibliography in the proper Chicago / Turabian format? Or when you need to use a citation? See our library website guide to citations. Be sure to choose Chicago! Also note that full citation info for all our online readings can be found at the bottom of our Readings Page here at the course website.

Welcome to the Course

Hello All,

Welcome to History 141!

This is our main course website. Quick notes:

— We won’t be using the Canvas site for the course. Please bookmark this page for all course materials.

— See the link above, right, for the course syllabus.

— Want to start shopping for books early? They’re all listed on the syllabus with ISBN numbers.

— More help on book shopping:  on our “East Asia” textbook — ANY edition is fine for purchase. No need to buy the latest edition, especially if you’re looking to save money on a used copy. We’ll also have one on reserve at the library, so no need to buy it at all if you’re good with reading it there (or bring it down to the campus coffee shop and read it over a good beverage…)

— One other important book tip: make sure you get the right edition: in the case of TALE OF GENJI, it’ll make a difference between reading 300 pages… or 790! (Insert emoticon here.) See syllabus for more. Hint: we’ll also be writing a paper on it this semester, so you’ll want to be sure to have the right version.

Looking forward to meeting you in August,

— Dr. Fernsebner